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    Julius Shulman, Modernism Rediscovered. Julius Shulman, Hunter Drohojowska-Philp, Owen Edwards, Philip J. Ethington, Peter Loughrey. Подарочное издание.

    Автор: Джулиус Шулмэн (Julius Shulman), Хантер Дроходжовска-Филп (Hunter Drohojowska-Philp), Оуэн Эдвардс (Owen Edwards), Филип Дж. Этингтон (Philip J. Ethington), Питер Лори (Peter Loughrey)
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    Артикул: T-00002

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    Julius Shulman, Modernism Rediscovered

    More discoveries from the Julius Shulman vaults TASCHEN's Modernism Rediscovered (2000) brought to light for the first time forgotten architectural masterpieces, drawn from photographer Julius Shulman's personal archives. Paying tribute to residential and commercial buildings that had slipped from public view, Shulman`s stunning photographs uncovered a rarely seen side of California Modernism. This extensive, three-volume follow-up to that remarkable volume brings over 400 more architectural gems into the spotlight. Not just restricted to the West Coast this time, the images were taken all across the United States as well as in Mexico, Israel, and Hong Kong.

    Each project and photograph in these volumes was personally selected from over 260,000 photographs over a two-year period by publisher Benedikt Taschen, who has enjoyed a close collaboration with the photographer since first publishing Julius Shulman: Architecture and Its Photography (1998). Augmenting the photographs are an introduction by photography critic Owen Edwards, an extensive biography by University of Southern California historian Philip J. Ethington, captions on decorative elements by Los Angeles Modern Auctions founder Peter Loughrey, biographies of key architects, and personal reflections from the photographer himself. Arts writer Hunter Drohojowska-Philp conducted months of interviews with Shulman to construct an informative and lively oral history and portrait of the times.

    Julius Shulman's photography was instrumental in crafting the image of the midcentury Southern California lifestyle across the United States and around the world. His work keenly identifies the distinctive structural, functional, and design elements of a building, in the context of both its natural surroundings and the people who occupy the spaces. This sensitivity, combined with his intuitive and brilliant sense of composition and timing, has earned him the reputation as a master of the genre. How fortunate we are that Shulman has once again opened his archives so that we may rediscover his photographs of the world's hidden Modernist treasures.

    Featured Architects and Designers:

    William Beckett Craig Ellwood Albert Frey Frank Gehry Bruce Goff Herb Greene Philip Johnson Louis I. Kahn Raymond Kappe Pierre Koenig John Lautner Paul László Le Corbusier Charles Luckman Oscar Niemeyer Richard J. Neutra William L. Pereira Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Raphael Soriano Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Welton Becket Associates Frank Lloyd Wright

    About the artist:

    A resident of Los Angeles since 1920, Julius Shulman has been documenting modernist architecture in Southern California and across the globe for nearly eight decades. His images of Pierre Koenig's Case Study House No. 22 (1960) in Los Angeles and Richard J. Neutra's Kaufmann House (1947) in Palm Springs are among the most recognizable and iconic architectural photographs of the 20th century. Shulman's interest in photography developed into a career when he photographed Neutra's Kun Residence in Los Angeles with his Kodak Vestpocket camera in 1936. Neutra admired young Shulman's images and continued to commission his work. Other leading architects of the time followed suit, as did hundreds of magazines, newspapers, and book publishers. Shulman's numerous awards include the Architectural Photography Medal from the American Institute of Architects (1969), a lifetime achievement award from the International Center of Photography in New York (1998), and honorary doctorates from various academic institutions.

    About the authors:

    Hunter Drohojowska-Philp writes about modern art, design and architecture. She is a regular contributor to Artnews, Artnet, Western Interiors and Design, and the Los Angeles Times and the author of Full Bloom: The Art and Life of Georgia O'Keeffe.

    Owen Edwards has written about photography for 30 years, for the American Photographer, New York Times Magazine, New York magazine, The Village Voice, Saturday Review, Vogue, Smithsonian magazine, and many other publications.

    Philip J. Ethington is Professor of History and Political Science at the University of Southern California and North American Editor of the journal Urban History. He is currently completing a large-format graphic book and online publication called Ghost Metropolis, Los Angeles, 1542–2001.

    Peter Loughrey is director of Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA) specializing in 20th Century Design by architects.

    Джулиус Шульмэн, Открытый вновь Модернизм

    Все фотографии архитектурных шедевров взяты из личных архивов фотографа Джулиуса Шульмэна. Отдавая дань жилым и коммерческим зданиям, фотографии Шульмэна раскрывают редкую сторону Калифорнийского современного искусства.

    В 3-х томное собрание входит более чем 400 архитектурных шедевров. В данном подарочном издании изображения не ограничиваются Западным побережьем, а взяты со всех уголков Соединенных Штатов так же как в Мексике, Израиле, и Гонконге.

    Каждый шедевр к данному подарочному изданию были лично отобраны, из 260 000 фотографий за двухлетний период, издателем Бенедиктом Ташеном.

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